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T A Autos: servicing and general repairs to most vehicles including Brakes, Clutches,Wheel Bearings, suspension,bulbs and wiper blades


Based in Hemel Hempstead, we are your local Mobile car mechanic in Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Chorleywood, Dunstable, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas, providing a professional, reliable and personable service to all our customers.  

Please be advised that we can work on small motor bikes and can carry out minor work on these,but we do not specialise on bikes,

thank you. 

Mobile Mechanic Here at TA Autos, we are committed to meeting your requirements. As a result of our dedication, reliability and professionalism, a large proportion of the business we receive comes from referrals and repeat customers. Business owner Tony is a fully qualified technician with over 20 years experience as a  vehicle mechanic. He has Fast Fit and Main Dealer experience, has undergone Management Training and he was an MOT tester for several years. 

 Aylesbury,Tring, Berkhamsted, Chorleywood,Redbourne, Dunstable, Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead 

All parts are covered by a 12 month/12,000 mile manufactor warranty all labour is covered for 30 days for your complete piece of mind and our services are priced competitively. For more information on TA Autos, your local mobile mechanic in HemelHempstead,Tring Leighton Buzzard, Rickmansworth, St Albans, Watford and the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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There are lots of problems that can arise with cars today that is why there are so many help sites and books being released today with the aim of helping you discover exactly what the problem is to start with then what has to be done to rectify the problem. Below are some common problems people can have with their cars and maybe not know exactly what's causing the problem along with the cause of the problem and what needs to be done about it.

When driving my car the steering seems to shake slightly and I don't know what the problem is, what could it be?

Many people have this problem with their car but a lot of the time it can just be due to general wear and tear of the brake disc's warped, or even the fact the brake pads are that worn out its causing the metal from the pads to rub against metal on the disk brake making cuts in the metal on the disc surface.
To solve this you first need to discover which it is so if you remove the  wheels then the calliper you will be able to get a look at the brake pads if they are in ok condition then you can rule out them as the cause. However, if this is the cause then you would simply have to replace the brake pads following instructions to help you do so then take your car to a garage to have the pads and disc's replaced. If it is not the brake pads you would simply have to have the car taken to a garage to have the tracking checked and that should erase the problem.

My car over heats easily when I'm driving at high speeds for a period of time, what could be wrong with it?

With a situation like this you firstly need to check the levels of anti-freeze/water mixture in the radiator, when you have opened the radiator cap( engine cold) you should be able to actually see the Trouble With Engineslevel of water in the radiator, if not then there's not enough in it. Then you check for any leaks in the system such as fluid leaking onto the floor etc if you do find a leak you should then have the car taken to a garage to see where exactly it is coming from in the system. When you have ruled out a leak or lack of coolant and water as the problem then it may well be to do with the airflow and flow of coolant, for example if there is a kink in one of the radiator hoses it will restrict the flow of coolant at high speeds and due to it needing more going through at high speeds it can cause the engine to over heat. In order to solve the problem either removing the radiator and having it taken apart and thoroughly cleaned or completely replacing it all together because once a radiator is blocked its hard to unblock.

Many problems that occur with cars very often have simple solutions but to prevent the problems happening in the first place simple maintenance of the vehicle usually helps. For example the problem with the radiator problem above, if it was due to a blocked radiator, if the maintenance work of ensuring its filters and water/coolant mixture was clean and they flushed the radiator out occasionally the problem may never had occurred. If you spend the time finding out maintenance methods then you are likely to face less problems when it comes to having your vehicles serviced there fore saving you money in the long run.

Problems with the fuel system of your car are some of the most common problems for drivers. Quite often regular maintenance and preparation can help to avoid a problem occurring. To help provide information we have compiled a short guide of problems and solutions to prevent problems from occurring.

Fuel Image
  • If your engine is having difficulties starting or appears to have difficulties reaching high speeds then you probably have a problem caused by clogged fuel filters. The owners manual for your car should be able to tell you how often the filters need to be changed. Bear in mind that if you live in a rural area or drive on a lot of dusty or gravel roads you will have to change your filter more often. Also as your car ages the filters may need changing more frequently.
  • The build up of dirt around fuel injectors can also cause performance problems. Debris in your fuel tank can clog fuel injectors limiting the supply of petrol or forcing them open too wide; flooding the engine. Fuel system cleaners can be bought to help keep the injectors clean. They are available from most petrol stations and car accessory shops. Pour the cleaner into your empty petrol tank just before you fill it and the cleaner will circulate while you drive. If you do this every three months you shouldn't have a problem. If the cleaner hasn't worked then you will need to have your engine cleaned thoroughly at a garage which will be costly and take up time.
  • Also where you buy your petrol from may make a difference. Branded petrol stations such as BP or Texaco will tend to get their fuel delivered Petrol Station Fill Upto them first from their own tankers. Independent stations who don't have brand connections will usually receive the last drop from the tankers which means there is a higher risk the petrol has become contaminated with water or debris across the course of the day. A concentration of water can cause rust to appear quicker in your cars fuel system. This will make a noticeable difference to the performance of your car or may even prevent it from starting. To prevent this stick to name branded petrol stations and try to use pumps with built in filters.

Common Problems:

    Well the worst enemy of your exhaust system is corrosion.... or more commonly known as rust.  Rust is caused by moisture reacting with the iron in the steel and forming iron oxide.  Moisture, or water vapor is present in the exhaust as a by-product of combustion and the catalytic converter.  Moisture can also come from the outside in the form of rain.  
     Short trips in your car can shorten the life of your exhaust system. When you shut down your engine whatever water vapor is in the pipes condenses and turns back into a liquid.  On a short trip the water never has a chance to get hot enough to turn back into water vapor and just stays in the system and rusts away the pipes.  If you drive for short distances consider replacing your exhaust system with stainless steel when the plain steel one rusts through.  If you drive more than 15 miles at a time then you should not have to worry about this.
     If you live in an area which uses salt on the roads in the winter time, make sure to wash the underside of you car with water every few weeks.  Salt speeds up the corrosion process and getting it off as soon as possible will help stop the corrosion.  Make sure you run the engine after washing to drive off all of the water on the pipes.

     Noticing a decrease in your gas mileage?  Your oxygen sensor could be going south on you.  As time goes on the oxygen sensor begins to wear out and becomes less accurate.  This sometimes results in a rich fuel mixture where your engine burns more fuel than is needed.   Most of the time your check engine light will come on and alert you to a failing oxygen sensor.  I suggest changing the oxygen sensor every 60,000 miles just to be safe.  Even though your check engine light might not be on, you could be using more gas than is needed.  Pay a few bucks and change the sensor, your wallet will thank you when you have to buy less gas down the road.

     The next part in line to go is the muffler.  Most of the time mufflers rust through and need to be replaced.  There are allot of options out there for replacement mufflers.  Some cheap and some expensive.  It holds true..... you get what you pay for.  If you plan on keeping your car for any period of time, spend the extra cash and get an OEM muffler or a high quality name brand muffler.

     On rare occasions the catalytic converter will become clogged and need to be replaced.  Symptoms include loss of power, heat coming from the floor of your car, glowing red converter or a sulfur smell.  Never let a mechanic tell you that you can do without the catalytic converter.  Removing this component is illegal in most places and can lead to a fine if you are not careful.

      That's about it for the exhaust system, just remember that rust is the biggest enemy to your exhaust system.  Take the above mentioned steps and your exhaust system will last a long time. 

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